Best tequila brands according to random internet people

best tequilaI don’t trust internet surveys, but you still might find this list useful. Ranker users voted on the best tequila brands, and the results might just surprise you.

There’s an understandable bias towards attainable spirits. For example, Clase Azul is way down in 12th when it should higher. But because the entry point is at least $80, fewer people have an informed opinion. Even more appalling though is that KAH, one of the world’s best, isn’t even on the list because it’s tough to find. This would probably be better branded as 10 favorite tequilas, but who’s gonna search for that?

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In any case, if you’re looking to go out and buy something tried and true, this “best tequila” list has you covered. I have several from the top 10 on the shelf right now, and you absolutely can’t go wrong with any of them.

1. Don Julio
2. Patron
3. Herradura
4. 1800 Tequila
5. Cabo Wabo
6. Milagro
7. Corralejo
8. Tres Generaciones
9. Casa Noble
10. Cazadores
11. Hornitos
12. Clase Azul
13. Tequila Avion
14. Tres Agaves
15. El Jimador
16. El Tesoro Tequila
17. Camarena
18. Espolon
19. Corzo
20. Ocho
21. Tequila Don Nacho
22. DeLeon Tequila
23. Sauza
24. Lunazul
25. 1921 Tequila
26. Casamigos Blanco
27. Jose Cuervo
28. Montalvo Tequila
29. Don Ramon
30. Full list

If you’re looking for something to die for, check out the 10 Bucket List Tequilas I put together for Cool Material last year.

best tequila

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