Goose Island launches 1060 Wit, an exclusive Wrigley Field beer

Wrigley Field beer - Goose Island 1060 WitGoose Island has made a monumental effort to remain a Chicago beer since it began brewing most of its flagships elsewhere, and it doesn’t get any more “Chicago” than a Wrigley Field beer. Much like Green Line was originally only available in Chicago (ignore it’s close cousin, 312 Pale), 1060 Wit will be begin it’s life in a very limited footprint. That cleatmark includes Wrigley Field and Goose Island properties. That’s it and that’s all, folks.

1060 Wit is a beer Goose Island created to celebrate Wrigley Field — one of baseball’s most iconic ballparks. Fans will notice the beer gets its name from the ballpark’s address, something I committed to memory at an early age when I visited Wrigley Field with my father and grandfather. The beer is inspired by traditional Belgian Wits, using a lot of unmalted wheat along with orange peel and coriander. It’s lightly fruity and a touch spicy with low bitterness that is a natural fit for the ballpark and refreshing on hot Chicago days.”

~ Goose Island Brewery R&D Manager Mike Siegel

I know the Cubs and their fans are all about tradition, but hopefully this starts a new one because it’s long past time to retire tallboys of Old Style… forever.
Wrigley Field Beer - Goose Island 1060 Wit Logo

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