30 Worst Shots You Could Take Tonight

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Shots are delicious, but not all of them. These are the worst shots imaginable, and my head hurts just thinking about them.

This infographic isn’t new. I first saw it on Visually back in 2013, but it just resurfaced again on The Financial Engineer with the headline “30 Best Shots.” Being someone who loves the efficiency of shots, of course I clicked. I needed to know what someone thought were the 30 best shots so I could create a game plan to consume all of them. Thankfully for my liver, the headline was as honest as Prospero.

I’ve been known to sensationalize a headline in my day, but my exaggerations of “Bartender Leaves Best Tip Ever” and “Tequila Taste Test is Incredibly Useful” were hyperbole. I’m sure housekeeping would think tip of $5,000 is better than a bottle of whiskey and a Manhattan recipe from the world’s best (literally) bartender, but at least both of those are positive. Calling any of these shots drinkable is a lie let alone suggesting they’re the best shots. Plus, they aren’t even shots. They’re shooters! Of course I still used shot in the headline, because, you know, SEO. No one is out there Googling, “30 worst shooters” when trying to come up with something awful to give a friend for his/her birthday.

30 Worst Shots in the History of the World… Ever

30 Best Shots

Disgusted hat tip to The Financial Engineer.

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