Worst Shot Ever lives up to its reputation

Ride along as Foodbeast tries contenders for Worst Shot Ever

Worst Shot Ever is prized award, and Foodbeast is on the hunt for small doses of sadness that can stake a claim to the title. Episode 2 of the new series visits a nutjob named T-Rex who poured Sean and Hayley an Uncle Harry. The name alone screams child molester, so you know the shot is going to taste like turkey-bacon wrapped sorrow.

The ingredients, in case you weren’t hugged enough as a child, are:

  • 1 part well whiskey
  • 1 part Rumple Minze
  • 1 part Marker’s Mark
  • 1 part Southern Comfort
  • 1 part Jack Daniel’s
  • 1 part Bailey’s
  • 1 part lime juice
  • 1 part Sriracha
  • fresh lime juice

I’m a big Foodbeast fan, and videos like this are the reason why. I’d be doing the exact same thing if I had a video crew in Chicago. There’s something to be said for tracking down the worst of the worst, especially when it comes to shots. Not only is seeing others’ self-inflicted pain highly enjoyable, it also gives you better ammo than a boring Prairie Fire when it comes time to dish out a penalty shot.

The bartender in the first episode brought it weak with a Cement Mixer. Just about everyone knows what those are. Hopefully some people catch on and start bringing the thunder with these contenders for Worst Shot Ever. It’s going to be hard to top the Uncle Harry though.

THE CEMENT MIXER | Worst Shot Ever

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