Wolf Spirit unleashes vodka made of BloodxSweatxTears

Wolf Spirit BloodxSweatxTearsWolf Spirit Distillery in Eugene, Oregon just released a new vodka named BloodxSweatxTears. And while that wouldn’t seem noteworthy aside from the terrible name (I’m talking about BxSxT, not Wolf Spirit, which is awesome), what’s in the bottle made it an instant post. I dare say neutral spirit lovers will be hard pressed to find a better vodka.

Unlike the press release below suggests, this isn’t Wolf Spirits first rodeo. Two years ago they brought Bellkurve to market. I never had the pleasure of trying that vodka, but it did manage to score a few Silver medals along the way. And while I obviously can’t directly compare the two without having tasted Bellkurve, they do share the same base of Oregon wheat and water.

What I can tell you is that BloodxSweatxTears – Seriously, how am I supposed to order this in a drink? I’ll take a Blood Sweat Tears and Tonic – is a tremendous vodka, especially for those who like truly neutral spirits. We all know the oft-cited America rule that vodka must be colorless, odorless, and flavorless. Anyone who has actually consumed vodka though knows brands rarely hit that benchmark. That’s exactly the feat accomplished by Wolf Spirit. You could drink BloodxSweatxTears neat and be perfectly content.

My assumption is that BloodxSweatxTears’s easy drinking nature it’s due to the the use of freeze filtration, which is a final shot at removing impurities. If that sounds familiar, you might be recall FRÏS Vodka or Smirnoff White, both of which used the same process. In any case, whatever they’ve done to make this flawless vodka is clearly working. Wolf Spirit has created a vodka truly worth getting excited about. The only downside… the $28 price tag. That doesn’t exactly line up with the plan to sell BxSxT at “no-frill crowd-free local neighborhood taverns, saloons, and roadhouses.”

Press release regarding Wolf Spirits’ BloodxSweatxTears


**** EMBARGO*** October 9, 2018**** EMBARGO**** October 9, 2018****

Independent Spirits Start-up, WOLF SPIRIT Launches BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka
Locally Handcrafted Small-Batch Vodka + Delivering the Best in Taste and Experience

Eugene, Oregon (October 9, 2018) – Wolf Spirit has officially entered the market with its first brand: BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka (BxSxT), a premium-select craft vodka hand-distilled in Eugene, Oregon. The company’s Chief Maker, Ben Green, has created the new vodka by using locally sourced ingredients including Pacific Northwest winter wheat and purified cascade waters. BxSxT is triple distilled and freeze filtered to deliver a vodka with bold character that is exceptionally smooth. Wolf Spirit’s new vodka, a “farm to bottle” spirit, is innovative in both sourcing and process.

The new Pacific Northwest vodka will be available in specialty retail in California, Colorado, and Oregon beginning in this Fall. BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka celebrates the rebellious and the spirited. It is inspired by adventurers who forge their own path, breaking from the status quo to achieve success. It is for the Maker, the Tradesman, the Artisan – those who only feel alive by risking, challenging, innovating and doing. BxSxT stands for commitment to craft and is for the drinker who understands through passion, “hard work comes easy.” Why the name? It is explained by Blood for origin, Sweat for work ethic, and Tears to define the beautiful struggle of all triumphs and tribulations.

Led by industry marketing leader Umberto Luchini, formerly of Campari America, BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka is his latest innovative brand launch following the unprecedented success of his work on Espolon™ Tequila. He has teamed with Chris Panaia, an industry veteran who will lead national sales initiatives for Wolf Spirit brands. Chris has launched and forged a successful path for many stand-out brands including EFFEN™ Vodka and Lucid™ Absinthe.

Wolf Spirit presents BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka in a 750ml designed matte black glass bottle with original artwork illustrations reflecting the heart and soul of the journey. The illustrations also pay tribute to Eugene and Oregon, with some iconic landmarks like the “Benson Footbridge”, the “Three Sisters”, the “Lost Lake” and more to be discovered. The new premium-select craft vodka retails for $27.99. BxSxT will also be served “off-the-beaten-track” at the no-frill crowd-free local neighborhood taverns, saloons, and roadhouses that offer a real reprieve from the daily grind for the modern-day heroes.

Above all, BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka pays homage to the craftsman and entrepreneur in all of us. Through this new spirit, the founders wish to share a story not just about their great tasting vodka but the journey that each entrepreneur takes to create something incredible with hard work, commitment and passion.

Misfits Welcomed. For more information on BloodxSweatxTears™ Vodka,
go to www.BSTVodka.com @BST_Vodka

For media inquiries, contact Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations, 310.288.0077 (ph), diana@dimodapr.com

About Wolf Spirit LLC
Wolf Spirit LLC is a start-up created with the ambition to give rise to a new generation of premium distilled spirits, all embodying the legendary dichotomy of the spirit of the Wolf. Founded in 2016 by industry leader Umberto Luchini, the company is headquartered in California with a distillery in Eugene, Oregon. Wolf Spirit shares authentic stories and experiences through the spirits they introduce. For more information go to www.wolfspiritllc.com.

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