Recovery Beer Vol. 1: A tallish boy of Wolf Pup IPA

Wolf Pup IPA

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer after a long run. Some people go for water or Gatorade, but we all know beer is what they really want. Instead of fighting the vice, I’m embracing it!

I’m sure studies show having a beer after running is good. Protein and carbs are needed for recovery and B-complex vitamins are good for metabolism and bone strength. I’m just drinking beer to forget the pain though. I’ll be doing a 9-26 mile run each each of the next 15 weekends, and I’m going to need all the delicious beer I can consume to get through this. That’s why I’m launching the Recovery Beer column. Each week will be a new beer in lieu of an ice bath.

To kick things off I started with Golden Road’s Wolf Pup IPA. Nothing says summer quite like a sessionable IPA, and with the summer solstice having been juar last week it seems like perfect timing. Wolf Pup IPA has two other things going for it as well.

Wolf Pup IPA

First, it comes in a “tallish boy.” I’m not clever enough to make that term up; it’s right there on the can. That’s 19.2 ounces of golden goodness is one can, and it was huge for a guy who didn’t want to get off the floor. It reminds me of the seasonably-appropriate sunscreen cans that say “30% more free” when really they just made the can bigger. You don’t have to sell me on it, Panama Jack. I’m already in.

The second is that Wolf Pup IPA is only 4.5% ABV. That means it went down super easy, and I could continue to drink on the floor without risk of not standing back up. I admittedly don’t really know what to expect from drinking after a long run. Will I get drunk more quickly? Would 10% ABV put me in a beer coma? Will I be able to tolerate some huge in-you-face blast of hops? Only time will tell.

Wolf Pup IPA

Wolf Pup IPA was a safe and delicious bet, and there couldn’t have been a better kickoff to the Recovery Beer column. Luckily I had extras to drink when I wasn’t suffering from exhaustion because it was a great boat beer as well. Tallish Boys might just be the best way to drink on the open water.

And for those curious why I’m running, break out the tissues and watch the video below. If you want to donate, I’d love to have the support of boozists all around the country.

tl;dr: I’m running a marathon to raise money to , and after each long run I’m drinking beer.

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