Wine and candy pairings for Easter… because Peeps are better with booze

wine candy pairingsWe’ve come up with a million excuses to drink wine, but candy still feels like a guilty pleasure. Not anymore. By creating wine and candy pairings for Easter, Peeps become classy and sophisticated instead of just terrible puffs of yellow sugar.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one interested in this sort of mental justification. The fine folks at Good Day Chicago had me on the air to talk wine and candy pairings. Here’s the short and short of what I shared.

Jelly Beans and Kunde Sauvignon Blanc
If you’re a normal human being like me, you eat jelly beans by the fistful. That means a dozen different flavors at once, which makes pairing a bit of an issue. That’s where sauvignon blanc comes in. It helps balance the plethora of flavors, and Kunde Sauvignon Blanc ($17) adds melon and honeysuckle to the party.

Chocolate Bunny and Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon
Chocolate bunnies are a staple in any Easter basket. They’re simple and delicious and need a pairing that’s straightforward. Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon ($30) is lush and packed with flavors of black raspberries and ripe cherries which pair perfectly with the strong cocoa in the bunnies. The only question is, which body part do you eat first?

Peeps and Girard Chardonnay
I’m convinced that Peeps are the most sold and least consumed Easter candy on the planet. Let’s be honest; they’re pretty much just flavorless mush. That means you need something nice and crisp as a contrast. Girard Chard ($24) brings flavors of pear and apple to the table, which won’t overwhelm the Peeps but rather enhance them.

Reese’s Eggs and Joseph Carr Merlot
A lot of Easter candy is terrible, but not Reese’s eggs. They’re basically the same product in an egg shape instead of a cup. They’re heaven on earth and only get better when melded with the black cherry, vanilla, and chocolate found in Joseph Carr Merlot ($20). A lesser man would have this simple combo for three meals a day, and I might be that lesser man.
wine and candy pairings

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