Wine Accessories You Should Have in Your House

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Wine Accessories make the perfect gifts, especially these six.

There are a million gift guides this time of year, and this is just the first of several that will be coming from Boozist. We’re just trying to make your shopping as easy as possible. If you have a wine lover in your life, these wine accessories might be the perfect thing. Or (s)he could hate them. I don’t know how your people roll. It’s the thought that counts though, and you clearly think that person loves booze.

Shopping for cocktail lover? We’ve got those too!

Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew – $44

wine accessoriesYou’ve undoubtedly already gifted people the original Rabbit wine opener. Now make getting to that delicious grape juice even easier by taking all the manual labor out of it. Just push the button and out comes the cork. Wine accessories are like magic these days. It’s the perfect gift for the lazy or gadget-loving person in your life. $44





BigMouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass – $16

wine accessories - glassThe worst part of drinking is having to refill your glass. It’s really a huge burden. Thankfully you’ll never have to get up again with this giant glass that fits an entire bottle. It’s perfect for the friend in your life who always says (s)he’s just going to have one glass of wine that night, which you know means she’s drinking the whole thing. $16





Vinturi Essential Wine Aerators – $41

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerators
As long as your intending to drink it in the near future, air is the best thing to happen to wine since barrels. Vinturi found the best way to pack your booze juice with the oxygen it needs to reach it’s full potential in a hurry. It’s not just red wine, either. White wine gets a little love too. Get these for the person who loves wine but rarely experiences it the way they should. $41




Savino Wine Preservering Carafe – $25/$50

Savino wine accessoriesAerators and decanters are great for introducing air to wine. Savino mastered to opposite. Their carafe features a patented float that creates a barrier between the air and your booze, keeping it fresh for up to a week. Savino offers a glass version that’s perfect for Garfield and a plastic version that’s ideal for Heathcliff. That’s an indoor vs. outdoor cat joke for those who hate cartoons. The plastic option is perfect for taking wine places you typically can’t take it do to shatter-risk. $50 (Glass), $25 (Plastic)




WineCubby – Reusable Bag for Wine to Go – $14

wine cubby flaskWine accessories meets whiskey accessories in what essential a disposable flask. Forget boxed wine. Why not BYO bag of wine? The WineCubby holds a full bottle in a plastic bag, perfect for beaches, concerts, or anywhere else they only do a mediocre search. There’s no risk of the wine spilling in transit and it most certainly isn’t going to break. It comes with a bag in which to carry your bag (cue Xzibit joke) and a funnel so your don’t end up pouring your precious booze all over the counter when filling it. $14




CapaBunga Wine Storage and Service Set – $30

wine accessories reseal First of all, the name is CapaBunga. That’s reason enough to buy this. The caps are perfect for resealing your unfinished wine, on the rare occasion you have any. The silicone glass markers solve the age old problem of knowing which glass is yours without having to have some stupid charm banging against the glass and threatening to break it all night. And the CapaBubbles will lock your leftover champagne up until brunch the next day. $30

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