Wild Turkey Master’s Keep is 17 Years of Homeless Bourbon Bliss

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Boozist
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep – Colin Joliat

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep gives Pappy the bird.

Ok, so Jimmy and Eddie Russell probably weren’t thinking about Pappy at all when they created Wild Turkey Master’s Keep. It is an absolutely glorious spirit though, one which bourbon lovers will no doubt be lining up for this August.

I was fortunate enough to get a sample in the mail, but even more fortunate to spend some time down in Kentucky learning all about the new booze from the masters themselves, Jimmy and Eddie Russell. Their “Behind the Barrel” experience is certainly one I’ll not soon forget, especially because I went into it as a huge fan of Wild Turkey. Some might say they were preaching to the choir, but I learned an incredible amount about the bourbon industry at large while I was there. Also how to skeet shoot, but that’s not really relevant.

It seems fitting that I share my actual notes on Wild Turkey Master’s Keep from the extensive tasting extravaganza led by Jimmy and Eddie Russell. It seems like it’s better than just regurgitating a press release, so here they are, with an attempt to format just like it is in my tiny notebook. Yes, I still take notes with pen & paper.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep

Non-chill filtered.

1996 running out of warehouse space. WT straight balling

Put barrels in Stone Castle Distillery – aka Old Crow – brick warehouse down by the river. RIP Matt Foley

Not as hot and limited airflow – So… Scotland? Knew it would age differently.

Castle sucked and water leaked. Rusty hoops meant time to go

Moved it to different brick warehouse slightly higher elevation, then eventually to legit Turkey shack

3 locations – valley, hill, WT. Should call it bastard bourbon. 97-03; 03-10; 10-15

17 year old – oldest whiskey WT has put out in ‘Murica

Went in at 107 proof, dumped at 89. Bottled at 86.8

$150, August

Regular Wild Turkey recipe. Not extra crispy.

6-7000 cases. Turkey Van Winkle.

Tastes like the first time I kissed a girl, only it burns a little.
Smells like caramel and wood.            invent caramel on a stick


EDITORS NOTE: Most people seem to miss the price in my stellar note taking. MSRP for Wild Turkey Master’s Keep is $150 and hits shelves this August.

As you can see, my notes are a little different than your average whiskey aficionado. By that I mean they’re useless. If you want an actual review of the product, which with only 7k cases hitting the market should be irrelevant, I highly recommend you check out what Josh Peters at The Whiskey Jug or Fred Minnick had to say.

What I can tell you is that it’s an amazing spirit. It’s lighter than you’d expect from 17 year old bourbon, but it packs a mouthful of flavor that lingers like a Cranberries’ song. Seasoned tasters will be able to search and find a myriad of different notes while amateurs will absolutely enjoy the overall impression. Each sip leads a slightly different direction, keeping it interesting from first drop to last, however many that might be.

I think the greatest compliment I can pay this spirit is that under the cover of darkness I ran back to the distillery’s pop-up bar and filled my newly gifted flask with Wild Turkey Master’s Keep. Why is that important? Because it meant I was willing to check my bag when flying back to Chicago, which is pretty damn risky for $30 worth of booze. You’re welcome, Wild Turkey. Feel free to use that in your next advertisement.

This is just the first of 3 new releases coming soon from Wild Turkey, so stay whatever the internet equivalent of “tuned” is.

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Barrel – Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Tasting – Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey
Jimmy Russell and Eddie Russell – Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey
Josh Peters and Jimmy Russell – Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey Masters Keep - Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey Masters Keep – Colin Joliat
Wild Turkey Master's Keep Label
– Colin Joliat

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