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I was introduced to the bone luge on a recent trip to Kentucky to hang out with the folks at Wild Turkey. After several days of heavy drinking arduous research, it was suggested that we take a bone luge. The story circulated that Lew Bryson was adamant that everyone in the group had to take a bone luge on a similar trip last year. Not one to be left out, even a year behind, I was dead set on doing it.

So what is a bone luge? It’s a lot like the ice luge you took in college, only instead of ice carved to look like a naked chick, it’s a bone used to serve marrow at your local fancy pants restaurant/bar. Having just eaten the marrow, you then pour a shot of booze down the bone and into your mouth. It picks up remnants of the marrow along the way, making for the most rich, silky, and savory shot you’ll ever take.

I asked Lew if he was the inventor of the bone luge, but it turns out he was just the one pushing to use Wild Turkey (appropriately enough). He pointed to Chuck Cowdery as the potential origin. Little did I know at the time that this was an actual cultural phenomenon. People do this. There’s an entire website, albeit defunct, dedicated to the bone luge.

While some suggest using lower ABV booze to not overpower the marrow, we went with Wild Turkey 101 proof bourbon. When in Rome. Go big or go home. Insert another cliche. A shot of Wild Turkey 101 needs no improvement, but the bone luge made it taste even better. At the end of the day though, you’re still just pouring booze down your throat. It’s all about having fun, and there was nothing more fun than the Wild Turkey Bone Luge.

Josh S. Peters of The Whiskey Jug gets in on the action.

Wild Turkey Bone Luge

wild turkey bone luge

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