Whiskeys under $30 that you should add to your liquor cabinet today

whiskeys under $30My New Year’s Resolution, in addition to breaking down all my boxes before sticking them in the recycling (I aim low), is to talk more about affordable booze. That’s why I’ve put together this list of whiskeys under $30. Because do you really care what the latest $25,000 bottle of Glenlivet? I doubt it. That was fun when they were once in awhile and seemed oh so impressive. Now it seems like every month there is some new unattainable liquid gold.

Whiskeys under $30 seemed like a reasonable price point. Most people are willing to spend up to $50 on themselves without question, but we had to start somewhere. We can look at the next tier another time.

Kirkland Signature “Blended Canadian Whisky” – $19
Costco whiskey is hit or miss, but their Canadian whisky is pretty much a sack-less bottle of Crown.

Canadian Club “Classic 12 Year Old”
– $20
You don’t hear much about CC, but their older stuff offers a great bang for the buck.

Forty Creek “Barrel Select” – $22
It’s a no-nonsense whiskey, or so it was drunkenly declared. Really it’s just solid Canadian whisky.

Jim Beam “Double Oak” – $22
Double Oak is a huge (not double) jump in flavor from basic Beam for a minimal jump in price.

Early Times “Bottled in Bond” – $23
Bottled in Bond was created because people trusted the government more than businesses. Imagine that!

George Dickel “White Label” – $25
I’ll give you a nickel to tickle my Dickel, which is irrelevant. It’s good Tennessee whisky though.

Evan Williams “Single Barrel” – $29
One of the only single barrel bottles you can get under $30, and it’s punches above it’s price point.

1792 “Small Batch” – $30
The worst branding on the best brand. This remains my go-to for people needing a bottle for a party.

Knob Creek – $30
Is this a boring answer yet? Because it’s still just really damn good.

Old Grand Dad “114 Proof” – $30
Not for the feint of heart but perfect for someone who loves big bourbon.

Let me know what your go-to inexpensive whiskey is!

*All prices are in Chicago. Some might be more expensive or cheaper depending on where you live. Especially if it’s Australia. I hear you guys get royally screwed.

Colin Joliat
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