Whiskey and cider make the world a better place

whiskey and ciderFall is my favorite season for drinking. Everything is in play, from fresh fruit G&Ts to a nice tall glass of whiskey. Nothing says fall quite like whiskey and cider though. They’re the perfect combination of flavors, especially when warm.

Forget the fancy recipes for hot drinks. You don’t need a half-dozen ingredients to bring out the flavors of fall. And you certainly don’t need a special glass. Hell, this whiskey and cider recipe screams thermos or disposable coffee cup. It’s just a combination of Winter Jack and hot apple cider.

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Winter Jack is a seasonal offering from the fine folks at Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade’s favorite distillery, Jack Daniels. It’s a blend of apple cider liqueur, Old No. 7, and holiday spices. It only weighs in at 15% ABV so you could essentially just heat it up and drink it, which is what they say to do on the bottle, but there’s a better way.

Adding Winter Jack to hot apple cider is a little slice of liquid heaven. The heat from cider punches up the spices without letting any of the precious alcohol evaporate. Those spices and the whiskey combined with the everyday goodness of apple cider make for the ideal fall drink. And because of that low alcohol content, you can sip it all day and won’t get your drunk. It’s perfect to take the edge off your inevitable trip to the pumpkin or that slow, boring hayride.

Whiskey and Cider

Heat apple cider to desired temperature (60-seconds in microwave worked for me). Add Winter Jack and stir. Repeat until your “coffee cup” is full. Drink in secret. Repeat.

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Fighting the rain the only way I know how… whiskey and cider.

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