Fire Up the Helicopter – Whatever, USA 2.0 Moves to Catalina Island

Whatever, USA 2.0 Catalina Island

Whatever, USA 2.0 is ready for another year of awesome random activities fueled by Bud Light.

After an extensive, cross-country search to identify the town whose residents are #UpForWhatever, Bud Light has named Catalina Island, California as the next destination for an epic weekend of unexpected fun: Whatever, USA.

Instead of painting a ski town blue, Whatever, USA 2.0 is going coastal. So coastal that they’re actually partying in the ocean. Talk about being #UpForWhatever! It’s like the Catalina Wine Mixer, only there’s no wine and it actually takes place on Catalina Island instead of Trump National Golf Course (goddamn Hollywood liars). Speaking of which, if Bud Light is blowing it if they don’t utilize “It’s the Catalina Mixxtail!”

Much like last year, you can win your way to Whatever, USA 2.0 by recording a 15-second video living the message on your bottle of Bud Light. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three and tack on the hashtags #UpForWhatever and #Audition then pack your bag and wait to see if you get invited to the May 29 – 31 extravaganza. Based on the people I met last year, it’s the true characters who win. Your library voice and calm/cool/collected personality aren’t going to get it done. Turn it up a notch or twelve.

Enter to Win a Trip to Whatever, USA 2.0

Still not convinced you should start working on your video? Check out my recap from last year’s festivities. You’ll have your camera in hand before you make it through the 4th paragraph.

whatever, usa 2.0
Quite possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken.

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