New Beer Brewed With Sheep Shit-Smoked Whale Testicles

whale testicle beer Brewery Steðji Hvalur

Weird beer ingredients are the new norm, but whale testicles might be the strangest adjunct yet.

Iceland is a land of mystery and wonder, but that will forever be overshadowed now as it’s officially the land of whale testicle beer. Yes, you read that correctly. Brewery Steðji, whose name requires a copy/paste, is releasing a beer named Hvalur that’s flavored with whale testicles. To get more flavor out of these literal beer nuts, they decided to smoke them with sheep shit.

Because a Lack of trees in Iceland, we use dry sheep shit to smoke. This gives the beer an excellent smoke tastings, a smoke tastings you havn’t tryed out before … The balls Also gives its flavor to the beer ……

Now it’s entirely possible that Google’s translator is already drunk from Hvalur whale testicle beer, but would you really be surprised at a brewery that’s willing to chop whales’ balls off just for a beer is also willing to smoke those balls with sheep shit? Plus, scotch is smoked with peat… which is just a fancy word for dirt, so is sheep shit really even that bad?

The real travesty is those adorable whales. Sure we keep ours locked up in aquariums and show tanks, but at least we have the decency to not chop their balls off. We’re cruel. That’s unusual. Iceland is basically like South Park‘s version of Japan.

Visir via BBC

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