Vodka Taste Test Scores Victory For Cheap Booze

Vodka Taste Test proves you shouldn’t believe the hype.

People think vodka all tastes the same. News flash: it doesn’t. First off, the whole “colorless, odorless, tasteless” regulation only applies to vodka made in America. Meanwhile only one of the five top selling vodkas in the US is made here.

Just like all spirits, taste is in the tongue of the imbiber. I prefer my vodka to taste like grains while others prefer it to have zero flavor. To each his/her own. The most noticeable difference though is the level of impurities in the booze, which in a vodka taste test means some are silky slices of heaven, others taste like rubbing alcohol, and many feel like a dumpster fire.

Purity Vodka dominates the tasteless spirits

That said, much of vodka is still all about advertising. The reason some bottles cost $30 is because you’re willing to be believe it’s worth $30. The reason they’re tall and narrow is because they’re easier to see, not because they’re made any better. And don’t get me started on BS claims about their water when it’s all treated through reverse osmosis anyway.

A blind vodka taste test is really the only way to tell what vodka you should drink on the regular, and Tipsy Bartender just did wonders for Smirnoff’s sales. Clearly people didn’t think they’d prefer Smirnoff over Effen. Effen is so fancy! I’m quite confident my answer would have been Effen as well for which tasted best, but I suppose I’ll have to test it myself.

P Diddy and 50 cent are going back and forth over who has the best vodka! Is is Puffy’s Ciroc or 50’s Effen. We had a blind vodka taste test using Ciroc, Effen, Smirnoff and cheap ass Prestige. The results will surprise you!!!! – Tipsy Bartender

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