Vodka Soaked Peeps are the best use of candy sales

Vodka Soaked Peeps

Vodka soaked Peeps are perfect use of Easter candy

Easter has come and gone, which means that the edible marshmallow baby chickens are on sale. Put all those pennies from your Easter egg hunt to good use by making Vodka Soaked Peeps. They’re part of a delicious breakfast.

The process is simple. Put peeps in a jar, or in my a case a 7-cup bowl. I used 35 yellow chicks in one bowl, and 36 purple bunnies in the other. I know some people don’t eat chicken so I wanted to give them options. Add 20 ounces of vodka to each and seal the lid. You can use more vodka or fewer peeps depending on the level of sugar desired. Stick it in the fridge for 36+ hours. Boom, Peeps vodka.

It really doesn’t get any more simple than this.

Vodka Soaked Peeps 2

Vodka Soaked Peeps

Vodka Soaked Peeps 6

That’s where I’m at so far. This could turn out terribly, but if so, blame Baking Bites. She’s the one who put up the original recipe. I completely understand if you want to wait until I have my results before trying this yourself. Peeps should be on sale by then too!


I took the batch of yellow peeps out after about 36 hours. As you can see below, the Peeps kept their form, which is surprising and disturbing. Both the vodka-soaked Peeps and the Peeps-infused vodka turned out better than expected.

The vodka was sweet without tasting like a sugar bomb and really did taste like the delicious Easter treat.

The Peeps were slippery and soggy, but good enough to eat even if just for entertainment value. I ended up playing “Cards of Humanity” with a few friends and the winner of each round had to eat a Peep. Needless to say, they were all consumed. Vodka and Sprite with a Peep garnish wasn’t too shabby either.

Vodka Soaked Peeps

Vodka Soaked Peeps 4

Update 2:

The purple bunnies stayed in their vodka bath for 3 days. The vodka tasted about the same as the 36-hour batch, but the Peeps themselves were much stronger. I’d stick with the shorter duration if you intend to bite their bunny heads off.

Vodka Soaked Peeps 7

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