Vapshot lets you inhale shots of alcohol at home

You’ve probably said on more than one occasion, “I was inhaling shots last night.” Vapshot took those comments literally. They’ve created a machine that will turn alcohol into vapor so all you have to do is breath to get drunk. It sounds like a college girl’s dream.

This isn’t the world’s first rodeo with inhaling alcohol. I wrote about the Vaportini for BroBible more than four years ago, but this is the first that I know of that gives you the power to vaporize alcohol at home.

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There are a few main takeaways for Vapshot, and you can decide if they’re good or bad. First, there are 1/60th the calories. Hooray! The reason? Each vapshot only contains 1/60th of an ounce of alcohol. Booo! You can get away with having so little because the alcohol has a more direct route to the bloodstream through the lungs. It hits you almost instantly.

That brings us to number two. The effects only last for 10-15 minutes. Unlike drinking, you can’t slowly build up to buzzed then just ride that out the rest of the night. You would need to consistently take vapshots in order to maintain your buzz. This is intentional though. You’re rarely, if ever going to get hammered, and it’s more likely that you can drive home without being a risk on the road. Even if you’re not driving, it ensures you’re coherent at the end of the night, which is a great way to stay safe from other humans.

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And finally, circling back towards the first takeaway, because you’re using less alcohol, you’re spending less money on booze. The flipside, depending on the model, is that the Vapshot machine costs at least $1,300. There are plenty of $600 discount codes out there, but I’m still going to need to try before I buy.

Hopefully Vapshot is coming to a bar near all of us. I’ll be sure to bring my breathalyzers along if I track one down.


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