Booze News: bourbon ice cream, rickrolling pilsners & shower beers

Booze news
Every Monday we wrap up all the interesting booze news of from the previous week. It’s the perfect way to catch up on everything you missed while you were busy drinking.

Brewpub Taking Culinary Beer to the Next Level – Punch Drink
Brewpub brews beers with beets and thyme and earns a Michelin star for it.

This Beer Is Made Specifically for Drinking in the Shower – Tasting Table
Don’t feel bad getting drunk while getting ready to go out because that’s the whole point of this 10% ABV mini-beer.

Guy gets arrested for selling all of his beer on Craigslist. – USA Today
Some guy tried to sell $3,000 worth of beer to what turned out to be cops. Party foul.

Starbucks to stop selling alcohol at more than 400 US stores – AP News
Everyone’s favorite place to wait in line is abandoning their experiment to sell booze alongside coffee.

Ben & Jerry’s is Making Bourbon Ice Cream – Thrillist
It doesn’t count as eating late night drunk food if the booze is actually in the food. Everyone knows that.

Rick Astley Is Reportedly Creating His Own Beer – Esquire
Never give up this upcoming fruity pilsner from Rick Astley and Mikkiller. I’m not going to believe that it’s real until I have a bottle in hand though.

Beam Suntory Backtracks on Booker’s Pricing – Fred Minnick
The bourbon world went nuts Beam raised the price to $100. Meanwhile it’s still only $56 at Walgreens.

Booze News for January 9th, 2016.

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