6 Unique Whiskey Decanters to Give This Holiday Season

Unique Whiskey DecantersUnique whiskey decanters are a drinkers best friend. They make you look classy, put your whiskey within arms reach, and inspire you to drink more regularly. OK, maybe that last one’s just me, but I use avoiding oxidation as an excuse to have a few fingers of whiskey.

There are plenty of vessels that can hold your spirits, but we think it’s better to have unique whiskey decanters. And that’s even more important if you’re buying a whiskey decanter gift, because who wants something boring?

Our Favorite Unique Whiskey Decanters

Whiskey is a (Wo)man’s Best Friend

What’s better than owning a dog? Owning a dog decanter! They stay this size forever, never bark, and won’t wake you up to pee at 5am. OK, we can’t promise that last one.
Dog Shaped Liquor Decanter: – $50
Recommended Whisky: Jack Daniels Red Dog Saloon


Is It Just Me or Is the Room Spinning?

Whisk(e)y comes from around the world, so why shouldn’t your decanter? Ok, so it’s really only from one place (New York), but the spirits inside can be from anywhere you might find Carmen Sandiego.

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter – $60
Recommended Whiskey: South Island Single Malt 25 Year Old


Come Sail Away With Me

You might not be sailing on open course for the virgin sea, but this intricate hand-crafted ship in a bottle is one of the most unique whiskey decanters we’ve seen, and it will have you singing like a drunken sailor.

Bourbon Barrel Ship in a Bottle Decanter – $120
Recommended Whiskey: Jefferson’s Ocean


Drink from the Skull of your Enemies

Just because Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a huge disappointment doesn’t mean you should give up on brain cases forever. This skull decanter will definitely be a conversation starter. Just be sure topics don’t include Shia LaBeouf’s spin as Mutt Williams.

Crystal Skull Decanter Plus Shot Glasses – $60
Recommended Whisky: Smokehead Single Malt Scotch


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond Dallas Page and Jay-Z battled over the trademark diamond hand signal, but neither can hold a candle to a diamond whiskey decanter. And as a bonus, neither are likely to sue you for pouring your next dram from this unique decanter.

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Decanter – $30
Recommended Whiskey: Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary


Stormtroopers Can’t Aim Because They’re Drunk

If you’ve always wondered why Stormtroopers can hit a damn thing, it’s because their helmets are full of whiskey. Do your part for the resistance and have a drink or three.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Whiskey Decanter – $26
Recommended Whiskey: Corellian whiskey


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