Unique Negroni recipes to try this Negroni Week

Tasmanian TwisterNegroni Week is upon us, which means plenty of interesting Negroni recipes! Unlike most made up booze holidays though, this week is actually meant to raise money for charity. Last year the annual event raised $400,000 for non-profit organizations, and they’ve combined for nearly $1 million since Negroni Week’s inception in 2013.

The cocktail is typically comprised of gin, Campari, and vermouth, but bartenders often use Negroni Week as an excuse to get a little creative with their Negroni recipes. Here are a few glorious creations and where you can find them.

Negroni Recipes

PB&J Negroni
Created by Julian Cox, Il Porcellino

Peanut-infused Sipsmith London Dry Gin, Red Berry Jam Campari, Cocci Vermouth di Torino and toasted pecan bitters

Negroni Recipes

Mai Tai Unigroni
Created by Josh Campbell, Leyenda

Campari, Appleton Reserve, Cinzano Bianco, Cinzano 1757, Lime Juice, Bonita Biz*, Red Wine Float

Black Coffee Negroni
Bikini, Bali

Tanqueray gin slow-dripped through Expat single origin coffee, Campari, Mancino sweet vermouth, charcoal

Coconut Negroni Slushy
Drumbar, Chicago

Absolut, Campari, simple syrup, Cocunut Liqueur, Coconut Milk

Negroni Recipes

Created by Kenneth Vanhooser, Piora

White rum, sweet vermouth, Campari, sparking rosé

Created by Julie Reiner, Clover Club

Campari, Bulldog Gin, Cinzano 1757, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Strawberries

White Negroni
Mon Ami Gabi, Chicago. Photo: Jeff Marini

Gin, Cocchi Americano & Dolin Dry Vermouth

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