Play Music From This New Ugly Bluetooth Sweater

nfl ugly bluetooth sweater

Ugly sweaters have been back in our lives for over a decade, but rarely are they the original masterpieces we recall from the 80s. And if you’re going to bring a product back, why not give it an upgrade? That’s where this new ugly bluetooth sweater, complete with speaker and lights, comes into play. 

If you’ve ever searched for a sports-themed ugly sweater, you’ve likely seen FOCO‘s work. They’ve pretty well cornered the market. It started with your standard ugly sweater fare. Then they launched light up ugly sweaters to bring a twinkle to fans’ eye. And this year, they’ve taken it a step further by turning it into an ugly bluetooth sweater. That’s right, there’s a small speaker that sits right around your hip and bumps whatever songs you want.

Who wouldn’t want to have their music with them at all times? Whether it’s your team’s fight song or Christmas music from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you become a walking party that looks… well, questionable. We suggest having your own entrance music.

After a couple days testing the ugly bluetooth sweater (FOCO sent us a Panther’s version to celebrate Boozist’s recent more to North Carolina), the range on the bluetooth seems pretty short. I’d plan to play from your phone in your pocket to avoid sounding like you’re hiding a gagged caroler under your outfit. Then again, I’m not sure what else you would have been planning to use to blast Sleighin’ the Holidays. The speaker isn’t the best, which is to be expected of a AAA powered unit floating inside a sweater, but it’s more than loud enough to make a seen.

You can find these glorious abominations just about everywhere on the internet these days. Obviously Amazon is the easiest choice, or so my Alexa repeatedly tries to tell me, but the ugly bluetooth sweater is available FOCO’s website, the NFL fan shop, Dick’s, and plenty of other sites should you choose to dominate your holiday party this year.


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