Hey Soul Sister, Did You Know Train Has Their Own Wine Brand?

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I receive dozens of pitches every day, but that goes up exponentially around holidays. One such 4th of July pitch was for Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co.

Save Me San Francisco Wine Co. has an exciting range of patriotic varietals that will spice up your backyard barbecue. Go red with the tasty Drops of Jupiter Red. This selection boasts boysenberry flavor and soft tannins for a firework-worthy taste! Or, if you prefer white, we recommend the Calling All Angels Chardonnay varietal, which will quench your thirst on that hot summer day with its citrus infusion, slight pineapple scent and vanilla bean notes.

To finalize the red, white, and blue theme, offer blueberry juice for the young ones.

That’s nothing if not a stretch, but there was a more important piece of information you can glean from the quote. THE WINE BRAND IS OWNED BY TRAIN! Yes, you deciphered those capitalized letters correctly. The band with hits like “Drops of Jupiter” and “Calling All Angels” has their own line of wine. I should have realized immediately considering that the name of the wine brand is eerily identical to an album by the aforementioned band. If you still weren’t sure, all of the varietals are named after their own songs and albums.

Unlike many celebrity owned brands, Save Me San Francisco Wine Co. doesn’t tack on a premium for having the band’s name attached. All of the bottles retail for under $15. There isn’t anything particularly patriotic about it, but they taste good and are a great conversation piece when you stroll into your friend’s 4th of July party. ‘Murica!

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