How Drunk is James Bond?

If there’s one thing James Bond loves more than loose women and saving the world, it’s drinking.


How to Survive a Country Music Festival

Thanks to musicians like Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, country music has never been more popular. Or at least that’s what my non-scientific one-man straw poll says. And with that popularity is the […]

Harley Morenstein Shaved Beard

Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard; It Was Epic

Harley Morenstein shaves beard. The world cries. This post has nothing to do with booze other than the fact that Harley Morenstein and his glorious beard were the two best goddamn booze-based chefs in the […]

Qdoba valentine's day smothered burrito

Qdoba Trading Smothered Burritos for Voyeurism

Qdoba wants you to eat their burritos and watch you get some action. On Valentine’s Day, their delicious (I speak from many experiences) Smothered Burritos are BOGO if you’ll kiss someone. It can be your […]

harley davidson demographics

Harley-Davidson is the Gin of Motorcycles

Harley Davidson demographic does not mean what you think they mean There are more preconceived notions about the Harley Davidson demographic than almost any other company, but much like gin, most people who hate it […]