smallest beer bottle opener

The Smallest Beer Bottle Opener Ever

It’s time to retire your beat-up bottle opener from college and replace it with the smallest beer bottle opener you’ve ever seen. Just under the size of a quarter, PiCO is 100 percent titanium and 200 […]

bud light super bowl commercial pacman

Bud Light Teases PacMan Super Bowl Commercial

Bud Light is upping the ante on their #UpForWhatever Super Bowl commercial with a little help from PacMan Lest you thought Bud Light was done with #UpForWhatever after their blowout Whatever, USA party, they’re back […]

crocodile bile beer

Warning: Don’t Drink Crocodile Bile Beer

At least 69 people died at a funeral after drinking beer poisoned with crocodile bile. Drinking beer has unfortunately led to plenty of deaths, but none quite as strange as this recent tragedy in Mozambique. […]