Keurig beer

Keurig beer gets one step closer to reality

There are plenty of in-home beer delivery systems, from Draftmark to DIY kegerators. The obvious next step is to create Keurig beer. And I don’t mean Keurig generically. An actual Keurig beer machine might be […]

Drink Local SproutJam

Drink Local state maps are perfect beer lovers

Drink Local from SproutJam lets you represent your home state breweries As craft beer becomes more and more muddied, the idea of “Drink Local” is filling the void in beer lovers’ identities. There are plenty […]

henrys hard soda

Henrys Hard Soda Combines Nostalgia and Booze

Henrys Hard Soda is the latest to jump on the pop party Henry’s Hard Soda rolled out nationwide this week, and it’s the newest entry in the increasingly popular hard soda category. I’ve generally stayed […]