Beer mug ball marker ensures you never forget which ball is yours again

Tin Cup Ball MarkerI only golf a couple times a year, which means my accuracy on the course is about as good as a guy peeing in the dark. Luckily scattered balls are much easier to identify thanks to a Tin Cup’s ball marker.

Tin Cup makes laser-cut molds that allow you to trace your own unique golf ball marker. Why try to remember Titleist 4 when you can just look for the ball with a mug of beer drawn on it? That’s much easier to remember, especially if you’re playing a-beer-a-hole (the only real way to play). Options extend well beyond the beer, cocktail, and wine glass that speak to me though. There are over 150 different designs, including a plethora of universities. And if you still can’t find something you like, you can always create your own.

For those not inclined to golf, they also work perfectly on ping pong balls. And what self-respecting beer pong player doesn’t have their own line of custom beer pong balls?

Tin Cup – $11+
Tin Cup Beer Pong

Colin Joliat
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