Thrillist Beef Jerky is a Thing, and It’s Actually Good

thrillist beef jerky

Thrillist Beef Jerky fuels your list-filled adventures.

The folks over at Thrillist sent some of their new jerky my way because they were under the impression that I still wrote for BroBible. Fun fact: I haven’t written for BroBible since January whereas I’ve written for Thrillist as recently as last week. More importantly, Thrillist is making jerky?

It’s not actually the website devoted to food and drink lists that created the new jerky. It’s a dehydrated partnership with Three Jerks Jerky, who are notorious for their absurdly good filet mignon beef jerky. Hey, just because it’s dried doesn’t mean it has to be gas station quality meat.

Thrillist beef jerky comes in two flavors: “Thrillist Maple Bourbon Churro” and “Thrillist I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hamburger.” Apparently Thrillist is the new Tyler Perry, but who cares. All of the happy fun times jerky ingestion research paid off because the flavors are wonderful.

The maple bacon churro is a little too sweet for my taste, but the lucky few with whom I shared loved it. The hamburger jerky though. Good lord. It really did taste just like a burger, only flat, chewy, and easily ziplocked. I would eat this stuff for lunch every day. There are no nitrates, MSG, or artificial ingredients, so it’s basically health food.

I’ve never been one to use jerky in other recipes, but Thrillist has a jerky jam that’s calling my name.

Both slabs of meat are on sale now exclusively through Thrillist. Order Here.

Thrillist Beef Jerky

thrillist beef jerky

thrillist beef jerky

thrillist beef jerky

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