TBOX Police Scanner Was Amazing As Always

tbox police scanner

TBOX police scanner reveals how awesome drunks are.

TBOX police scanner is the best part of the worst day in Chicago (for people over 25). If someone in your life hasn’t been affected by TBOX, consider yourself lucky.

First, a ticket to TBOX costs $50. Sure it gets you a pair of fingerless gloves (literally) and a gym bag, but that’s still a lot of money for the right to wait in a 10-deep line to buy beer. Second, they planned to sell 15,000 tickets to TBOX, which means all 40 bars on the 12 Bars of Christmas are at/near capacity. Talk about a nightmare.

But out of the darkness shines a light. The TBOX Police Scanner. This year wasn’t quite as entertaining as years past, with a distinct lack of a guy jumping out of a bathroom stall, stabbing someone with a bottle, and then throwing feces all over the police station. It still had some great moments though.

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