Take Craft Back is the most clever email collection campaign of all time

In case you didn’t hear, craft beer is out. Independent Craft is in. That’s because big breweries are buying little breweries but still letting them craft their beers. So now it’s not about crafting… it’s about not being part of the system. That’s where Take Craft Back comes in.

To spread the fake news, the Brewers Association is pouring their dollars into a for-funsies crowdfunding campaign titled Take Craft Back. It claims they’re going to buy ABInBev, and all they need is a cool 213 bil. While it’s clearly a joke and not meant to be taken seriously, it’s really just an elaborate campaign to grow their email list under the guise of spreading awareness. It worked too because I donated 1,000 internet dollars.

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For all it’s good intentions, it’s hard not to laugh at the Take Craft Back crowdfunding video. While I’m certainly on board with the idea, the suggestion that the majority of craft beer is brewed in tiny breweries like the one in which they filmed is hilarious. Sure, the majority of breweries might look like that, but that’s because there 5,000 of them. Meanwhile over 40% of the volume comes from the top 10 craft breweries independent crafters, the smallest of which is cranking out 343,000 barrels per year.

Colin Joliat
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