Inflatable football cooler

Inflatable Football Cooler is best dumb idea yet

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and your friends are dressed like assholes in irrelevant jerseys. Thankfully your beer is dressed to impress. That’s because all those Bud Lights are chillin’ in the Inflatable Football Cooler, which […]

beer falls off truck

Beer Falls Off Truck. Doves Cry.

Hope for humanity lost as many more than one case of beer falls off truck. It’s a sad day for thirsty citizens of… let’s just say Russia… as a pallet of beer falls off the […]


How to Survive a Country Music Festival

Thanks to musicians like Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, country music has never been more popular. Or at least that’s what my non-scientific one-man straw poll says. And with that popularity is the […]

smallest beer bottle opener

The Smallest Beer Bottle Opener Ever

It’s time to retire your beat-up bottle opener from college and replace it with the smallest beer bottle opener you’ve ever seen. Just under the size of a quarter, PiCO is 100 percent titanium and 200 […]