Surefire Bar Bet is Easiest Beer You’ll Ever Win

Bar bet based on a cognitive illusion makes this the easiest way to get drunk for free.

As a guy whose day job is the Manager of Magic for a non-profit that provides bedside magic for sick kids in children’s hospitals, I’m subscribed to a few dozen magic channels on YouTube. Rarely would they be of any use to you, but you can be damn sure I’m going to share it when a great bar bet comes along.

Scam School dug up a surefire bar bet that’s based on people not being very visually astute. As you watched the video, you were probably on the wrong side of the bet – unless you just assumed everyone was going to be wrong because that’s the whole point. If you’re too to lazy to find a ruler like me, you would have long ago measured the distance from your middle finger tip to thumb tip (about 9 inches for me (no, that’s not what she said)). Armed with that you could have easily known the circumference was bigger because you damn sure can’t wrap your fingers all the way around the lip of a pint glass.

surefire bar bet

Scam School Surefire Bar Bet

Colin Joliat
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