Super RefreshMen Is The Phone Game For Which You’ve Been Thirsting

Coors Light Super RefreshMen

Super RefreshMen channels Double Dragon to fight sobriety.

Super RefreshMen is an 8-bit, side-scrolling brawler from Coors Light. It’s got all the feel of retro beat-em ups that you loved back in the day (or still do), and it comes in the form of a mobile app. While it’s pure 80’s delight, right down to the the cheesy dialog, this is definitely an ad.

Hello, Refresh-Men…I am THE SCORCHER! Looks like your precious Rockies are really feeling the heat now. When I’m finished, fire will rain down like snow…and no one will ever again taste the crisp refreshment of Coors Light! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Or perhaps a little something like this…

Wow! Now that we have Coors Light, this summer festival has more people… and more refreshment.

Long live cool summer fun. Refresh-Men, roll out!

Blatent product pushing aside – can you blame them; it’s a beer brand’s app – the game itself is very entertaining. It’s exactly what you’d expect out of an old school video game. Plus, instead of picking up coins, you pick up beers. What could be better than imagining yourself getting paid in beer? Other than actually getting paid in beer of course. All in all, Super RefreshMen is a great way to kill some time. I beat it while flying down to New Orleans to pick a wedding venue, which is probably why the First Lady agreed to marry me in the first place.

Super RefreshMen is a follow up to last years Coors Light Refresh-Men that was released on XBOX 360. Unlike those sell-out Mario Bros though, the gameplay didn’t completely change just because they added a “Super.” This year’s Super RefreshMen is just like the original except it’s a mobile app now, which is good because even though South Park proved that Microsoft won the console wars, I’m still a Sony guy. Get it on iOS or Android.

Drink and game responsibly.

Super RefreshMen Coors Light

Super RefreshMen Game

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