People drink 90% more beer on Super Bowl Sunday

super bowl sunday consumption

Super Bowl Sunday is a personal trainer’s best friend

We all know people consume a ton of food on Super Bowl Sunday, but I didn’t know the percentages jump as high as the infographic below shows. The one stat that really surprises me though is that beer consumption on Super Bowl Sunday goes up 90%.

Most people don’t drink five out of seven days each week and 60% of people in the US claim to have fewer than 1 drink per week. That means that the average is already skewed to the downside, and we can still only jump a measly 90%. Shame on all of you. I guess the fact that I put up a Jack Daniels punch recipe instead of a coupon for Bud Light probably doesn’t help.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there a 327% increase in chicken wings eaten on Super Bowl Sunday? That’s ridiculous. That’s a huge jump. I think the opposite issue is true in this case. We’re clearly not eating enough wings on a typical day. Check out the “How To Eat Chicken Wings” video below from Pat Bertoletti. He ate 444 wings in 26 minutes at Wing Bowl last year, so he clearly knows what he’s talking about.

Super Bowl Sunday Food and Beer Consumption Results


Per MyFitnessPal entries:

On Super Bowl Sunday, people eat:

· 90% more beer
· 67% more pizza
· 200% more tortilla chips
· 72% more potato chips
· 327% more wings

than on an average day.

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