You put the whiskey in the rum and drink ’em both up

still 630 x2It’s that time of the month again… time to drink the latest experimental spirit from StilL 630! And while my headline doesn’t exactly flow while singing “Put the Lime in the Coconut,” StilL 630 X2 has me singing.

Quick recap: StilL 630 is releasing a new experimental spirit on the first Friday of every month. It’s ambitious, which is exactly what you’d expect from a distiller that produces “Indomitable Spirits.”

Today X3 is being released down at the distillery in St. Louis, so we’re talking StilL 630 X2. I’ve stretched the life of the 200ml bottle longer than I ever thought possible, and I’m quite confident that I deserve some sort of award for that. I wasn’t avoiding finishing the bottle because I didn’t want it. I’m just a masochist.

X2 started out the same way X1 did, as a single malt aged for 14.5 months in 15 gallon barrels. It’s adventure had only just begun though. From there it was finished in rum barrels for an additional month. Not just any barrels though, StilL 630’s own multi-award winning Expedition Rum barrels. As a wise man once said, never let good wood go to waste.

When I first popped the top, I thought the whiskey was a little hot. That’s industry speak for tasting alcohol and heat over flavor. Not more than a minute later, that sensation was all but gone. You’ll remember, because I assume you’ve committed every Boozist article to memory, that I had a similar experience with X-1 only with regards to oakiness. It’s safe to say the small bottles and the fact that they’re filled with love is playing a role here.

StilL 630 X2 has the same distinct characteristics of X1, only this iteration is slightly sweeter thanks to its month-long stay in the rum barrel. It also created a little additional viscosity in the spirit. We’re not talking syrup level, but it manages to coat your mouth in a liquid hug that doesn’t want to let go.

As I mentioned early on, I stretched the bottle as far as I could. When I poured another dram two weeks later, that time enhanced the spirit even further. The sweet note now hit that perfect mark at which the average person considers inserting their leg in a sharks mouth just so they have an excuse to get peg leg and become a pirate. X2 is whiskey, but it’s the rummiest whiskey I’ve had and it’s all the more glorious for it.

If you’re playing along at home, which you should be, don’t forget to add your input to the process! You might just help pick StilL 630’s next great spirit. And if you want a more sophisticated review of StilL 630 X2, here’s Bourbon & Banter’s take:

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