Applewood smoked whiskey makes tastebuds sing out in ecstasy

applewood smokedI’ve been smoking cocktails for a couple years now, but Still 630’s new applewood smoked whiskey just took the hassle out of it.

Until today (First Friday!), X-6 was the latest release in the Still 630 Experimental Spirits collection. It’s an American single malt whiskey, a type of spirit that a few of us in the spirits industry think will eventually become it’s own official category. Personally, I’m all about it. There is a reasonable number of great American single malts on the shelves now, but when it comes to category they just get dumped in the all-encompassing, “whiskey.”

This particular single malt whiskey is applewood smoked. Sweet lord baby Jesus, yes please! I’m a big fan of smoked whiskey. It’s not an everyday drinker, but it’s ideal for the much needed change-of-pace pour. Still 630’s is big on the smoke, which kinda made me feel like riverdancing. Or at least if my tastebuds could sing they most certainly would. And at 100-proof you have wiggle room. Adding a little water will pump up the smokiness while bringing down the power. Not a bad plan if you’re in it for the long haul or really like to amp up the smoke factor!

The beauty of this bottle is that it’s one of a series of smoked single malt experimental spirits in the pipeline. It started with the apple in December. Today marks the release of mesquite smoked single malt, and we’ll see a cherrywood smoked version in March. Comparing the three will be a glorious endeavor. I can only hope that Weglarz decides to put together three-packs, whether in the near future or for a release down the road.

Colin Joliat
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