We made a real blackberry mojito using SoBe’s “Midnight Mojito”

Sobe Midnight Mojito Boozist

I drank SoBe Power like it was my job. Now I drank SoBe Midnight Mojito because it is my job.

Back in the day I went through at least one glorious glass bottle of SoBe Power almost every day. I was a lizard addict. My intake of juice, flavored water, or whatever brands are calling that sort of thing these days has drastically decreased though as my consumption of beer, wine and liquor has increased. Admittedly I didn’t even know that SoBe was in plastic bottles now, but I was thankful for it when I knocked the bottle over while shaking my blackberry mojito.

So why would SoBe reach out to a site named Boozist? Because they’ve just released two new flavors, Howling Mojito and Laughing Lizard. While that in itself isn’t all that notable to me, some mad genius in their marketing department decided SoBe should be used in cocktails. Now they’re speaking my language.

blackberry mojito

The Howling Mojito was calling my name, and the results were actually pretty good. Expectations for this blackberry mojito recipe were low because it called for adding club soda before shaking. That seemed like a terrible idea, causing me to wonder if they even talked to a bartender about these drinks. Perhaps they just threw them together on some drunken Aloha Friday.

I decided the best bet was to try the recipe two ways. One was straight off the card and the other added the club soda to the blackberry mojito after sharking it. The first didn’t explode like I thought it might, probably because the carbonation accounted for less than an 1/8th of the drink. The fizz dissipated though, which defeated the purpose of including it.

Take two with the post-shake soda was a much better choice. It gave the mojito a much need carbonation kick, making the whole thing a little lighter and more refreshing. The drink actually tasted pretty damn good, to the point where I’ll likely make it again in the near future. It also me want to put the SoBe Howling Mojito through a soda stream before building the cocktail. I have to believe that would be amazing. Sadly, the Boozist Studio is without a Soda Stream or equivalent.


Blackberry Mojito using SoBe Midnight Mojito. Did we mention the word mojito yet?

Sobe Blackberry Mojito Boozist

All in all, the drink definitely tastes more like SoBe than it does a mojito. That’s a good thing considering it’s intended to be a standalone product, not a mixer. 99% of bottles sold will be to people not making a cocktail. If you want to throw some rum in it though, rest assured that it’s a good decision.

I’ve yet to try the Laughing Lizard because I didn’t have blue curaçao (shameful, I know), but the recipe is below for those who do. The juice itself is jalapeño limeade, which sounds pretty glorious.

SoBe Laughing Lizard cocktail recipe

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