Save The Bros is Tremendous New Ad for Recovery Milk

Save the Bros Tough Mudder

Save The Bros is a new movement to get bros to drink Organic Valley Fuel post-workout milk.

Here’s the thing: I’m frequently a lazy piece of shit when it comes to working out. Unless I’m curling a half-gallon of Jim Beam to my mouth, I’m probably not going to be getting much of a bicep workout. So it’s safe to say that I’m not big in the world of recovery drinks. I do know that bros love to chug chocolate milk after a workout though, and after looking at the ingredients Organic Valley Fuel, that’s basically what it is.

You’ve gotta be pretty smart to sell 11 ounces of milk (and sugar, cream, cocoa, and a few other things), even if it is all organic, for almost $4, and the the only thing smarter than telling bros that something better than what they’re currently using is making a funny “Save the Bros” YouTube video. I have no clue if Organic Valley Fuel works, but the commercial certainly does.

Psst, Organic Valley: I’m running an Olympic distance Triathlon this fall. If you want to be my official recovery partner, there’s room for you at this inn. Tell your buddies over at Reebok and Anheuser-Busch too.

Save the Bros Organic Valley Fuel

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