Tequilacopter is the best way to drink while sightseeing

tequilacopterIf you find yourself in need of a vacation, you might want to look at Mexico. We’re not talking Cancun though. We’re talking Guadalajara. Why? Because they have a Tequilacopter!

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Guadalajara and Jalisco (you see a few photos of my trip with Olmeca Altos below), and I would go back in a heartbeat. It’s literally paradise for a tequila lover. For those still unsure about the whole agave thing it’s an eye-opening educational journey. You never really know a spirit until you’ve seen it made, and the smell of agave roasting will make you realize what tequila is really supposed to taste like.

All the tequila you can drink

While in Mexico I toured a distillery, rode four-wheelers past seemingly endless fields of agave, and even harvest my own piña (the heart of the agave plant). What I didn’t do though was ride a helicopter… excuse me, tequilacopter. There’s now an official tour that let’s you do exactly that though.

Sauza Tequilacopter: A 30-minute flight from Guadalajara, the Tequilacopter flies through Huentitan Canyon overlying the Santiago River and Santa Rosa Dam with a view of waterfalls and agave landscape before arriving at the Sauza distillery. The full tour includes lunch/coffee at the starting point and Sauza’s signature “cantarito” cocktail upon arrival, a tour of the distillery with tequila tasting, and a barbecue at Santo Coyote Restaurant with Mexican cuisine.

Now that’s how you learn about tequila! Sign me up.

If flying through the air with the brand that produces Sauza, Hornitos, and Tres Generaciones isn’t up your alley, perhaps you’d prefer going by rail. Depending on which track visit you can either cruise in new custom train with Tequila Herradura or in a classic, old-style train with Jose Cuervo. Either way you’ll be visiting Mexico in style.

More info: Visit Guadalajara

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