Retro Narragansett cans let you crush it like Quint did in Jaws

Retro Narragansett cans encourage you to #CrushItLikeQuint

For the 4th year running, retro Narragansett cans will be on the shelf in time for Discovery’s Shark Week. There’s really not much more to say about that, other than that you should pick up a couple cases and channel your inner Robert Shaw like I plan to. Narragansett wants people to share their shenanigans along with #CrushItLikeQuint, and who am I to deny a marketing campaign?

The 1975 cans are available just in time for Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” which is airing earlier than ever this summer from June 26-July 4, and for the 41st anniversary of the release of Jaws on June 20. ‘Gansett encourages all beer drinkers, shark enthusiasts and film fans to share their best Captain Quint impression on social media by tagging #CrushItLikeQuint.

My bachelor party is actually the weekend of Shark Week (and 4th of July). I’ll be canoeing the mighty Fox River in central Illinois, and while I’m confident a great white shark won’t show up, there will be a responsible amount of beer cans being crushed. It seems like Narragansett should absolutely be sponsoring that event as it’s bound to lead to a wealth of internet points.

Turning back to Shark Week, when I first started in on this post it was only going to be about retro Narragansett cans. I was over Shark Week. There are only so many new things they can tell us, and quite frankly I just don’t care anymore.

It was only fair to do my due diligence though, and thank Jabberjaw I did. There have shows called Air Jaws: Night Stalker and Jungle Shark this year. How am I not going to pass on that? It’s time to fire up the DVR because I’m full on board with Shark Week again. Thanks for bringing the endothermic heat, Discovery Channel.

And now while I prep for my shark-free, crush-filled bachelor party, I leave you with Melody Sheep’s great white jam.

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