BMX Warehouse Demo Dangerously Close to Shelves Full of Booze

BMX warehouse wirtz beverage banner collective

Red Bull fueled flatlander Terry Adams puts on a BMX warehouse show among the shelves of a booze distributor.

I treat my liquor collection more carefully than my non-existent son, and then here’s Terry Adams just getting reckless with a BMX warehouse extravaganza right in the middle of Wirtz’ booze emporium. Sure, “dangerously close” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but if you crash and burn the way I do, that bike has the propensity to fly at least 4 aisles – watch out, bourbon! – on the way down. It’s actually been required that I’m attached to my bike with a leash… like a surfboard or tiny child hopped up on Red Bull.

The video was shot by Banner Collective to promote Red Bull Yellow, a tropical flavored version of Red Bull. I still haven’t tried it, but it’s safe to assume that it pairs perfectly with vodka.

Red Bull flatland BMX Warehouse

Terry Adams Session at Wirtz Warehouse from Banner Collective on Vimeo.

Colin Joliat
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