Qdoba Trading Smothered Burritos for Voyeurism

Qdoba valentine's day smothered burrito

Qdoba wants you to eat their burritos and watch you get some action. On Valentine’s Day, their delicious (I speak from many experiences) Smothered Burritos are BOGO if you’ll kiss someone. It can be your significant other, mom, friend, or even some random bro standing behind you.

They’re also rolling out a new smothered burrito sauce, savory queso, so you should probably (wo)man up and get a burrito packed with queso and topped with more queso. You’re clearly not above that if you’re going to Qdoba on Valentine’s Day. At least you can drink away your loneliness with one of their Patron margaritas.

Also: Tell them you want a normal sized burrito with a smother on top. Don’t let them cheat you out of delicious burrito because they’re pretending you need to not eat so much!

Colin Joliat
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