Presidential debate drinking games will make America drunk again

presidential debate drinking gamesPresidential debates used to be a time to learn where a candidate stands on an issue or how they plan to tackle a problem. Now they’re more akin to MTV’s Yo Momma, only with Lester Holt filling in for Wilmer Valderrama, who’s too busy filming episodes of NCIS. There’s only one solution – Presidential Debate Drinking Games.

There are plenty of options when it comes to presidential debate drinking games. Everyone knows that you’d have to be drunk to tolerate the utter garbage that will be spewed on screen tonight. I’ve decided to round up a few of my favorites for you.

Presidential Debate Drinking Games

Debate Drinking
Straightforward and easy. Pick your candidate and drink everytime they say one of their six trigger words. There are community words as well that cause a drink if anyone says them. In total, you have to remember 9 words and nothing else. Still too tough? They have a realtime scoreboard.

Like the first, you ride one candidate all night. The drink triggers have a wider range, Lester Holt could get you drunk, and we get our first “finish your beer” rules.

Porch Drinking
This one plays more like a drinking game, which makes sense given the source. Sometimes you take drinks; sometimes you give them. There are sips, finishes, shots, and even pouring one out for Bernie.

First off, immediate bonus points for a handy graphic. They’re drinking with a simple hierarchy of sips, shots, bottle chugs, and full liquor cabinet consumption for the most bro reason ever.

Elite Daily
Not sure you can make it all the way through other Presidential Debate Drinking Games? This one has you covered. Elite Daily made a novice, hard, and bad idea version of their game so people of every tolerance can survive the night.

Meghan McCain Bingo
I’m not sure who she took this from, but I don’t believe she made it up herself. In any case, it’ll get you drunk.
presidential election drinking game

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