Peach Gin & Tonic recipe will make your night just a little bit fuzzier

peach gin & tonicGin and tonic might just be the best summer drink. It’s a perfect canvas for cocktail creativity, and today things got fuzzy as I decided to make it a Peach Gin & Tonic.

OK, so that’s not the whole story behind this drink. Today marks the beginning of the most important segment in the history of radio… Wet Wednesday (working title). I’m joining the legendary Steve Dahl, Brendan Greeley, and Dag Juhlin for a quick bit about booze tonight at 5:30 central on WLS 890AM.

I was hoping there would be some fake holiday today to make the topic a no-brainer. Sadly it’s just Baby Boomers Recognition Day, National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day, and International Day of Yoga. And while I am running a marathon to help sick kids, I’m woefully inadequate in the field of yoga. That left peaches and Boomers.

Peach Gin & Tonic

Gin and tonic seemed like a logic choice because most people picture it being consumed by the Boomer generation. With new American gins though it’s a far cry from the pine tree flavored vodka that your old man used to drink. Aviation Gin is a perfect example, backing down the juniper and bumping up the citrus and floral flavors. As for Peaches ‘N’ Cream, I stopped short and just went with a little muddled peach and a few slices in the glass. I’m not trying to drink a creamy G&T, but I did listen to the 112 song while I mixed the cocktails.

If I could give one piece of advice when it comes to cocktails it would be to use better tonic. For the longest time I thought tonic was tonic was tonic, but once you’ve tried good tonic you can’t go back. Q Drinks not only tastes better, but it’s now certified non-GMO for the nine of you that care about that. More importantly, it makes a better drink. Trust me. Buy one bottle and taste it agains Canada Dry or Schweppes.

Peach Gin & Tonic

Add lime juice and 1/4 of a peach to shaker and muddle. Fill shaker with ice and add gin. Shake until ice cold. Strain into highball glass full of ice. Add tonic and garnish with remaining quarter of peach (sliced) and mint. Drink. Repeat.

Colin Joliat
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