Welcoming the New Guy with a Passover Cocktail…Attempt

Passover CocktailAlthough the Boozist only lived in southern California for a few months, he just cannot get that west coast living out of his head. He finally decided after much convincing (I asked nicely) to bring on a west coast correspondent. Here it is: the first article from the Malted Dolphin. And be sure to check out the bio below for my drinking history.

As both a Jew celebrating Passover and a lover of currently forbidden beer (the term “enthusiast” gets bandied about), I thought it best to try my hand at attempting a Passover cocktail. I say attempted because the two main ingredients absolutely did not cocktail well together.

The drink started with the always-present Manischewitz Concord Grape, a staple at most Passover Seders. I added the newly rediscovered spirit, gin, to this Passover cocktail in an attempt to contain the super sweetness associated with Manischewitz. Like me, most people have had a bad experience with gin and never went back. Definitely give it another shot… just don’t mix it with wine.

Distillery No. 209 is “the only distillery in the world to produce a craft gin that is certified Kosher-for-Passover.” That quote from their website sold me, and I purchased a bottle. I topped off the cocktail with some soda water and had myself a nightcap.

It turns out that while both gin and Manischewitz have appeal on their own – No. 209 Gin goes well with muddled strawberries and a lemon soda water – they most certainly do not mix. Kosher for Passover apparently does not translate to Friend Of Manischewitz. Being the “never leave a glass unfinished” gentleman that I am though, I still drank it.

Now I look forward to sundown Saturday night when I pour myself beer.

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Jeremy Read (Malted Dolphin) was born in Chicago and grew up in San Diego. He went to college at the University of Michigan where he began to drink and had his first craft beer, Bell’s Oberon. At Michigan, he also met Boozist with whom he continued to drink after college in Chicago. Jeremy then moved to New York to drink for 6 years and now currently drinks in Los Angeles with his wife and son (son does not drink). Email contact: Jeremy@boozist.com