Harley Morenstein Shaved Beard

Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard; It Was Epic

Harley Morenstein shaves beard. The world cries. This post has nothing to do with booze other than the fact that Harley Morenstein and his glorious beard were the two best goddamn booze-based chefs in the […]

colin joliat worst shots

30 Worst Shots You Could Take Tonight

Shots are delicious, but not all of them. These are the worst shots imaginable, and my head hurts just thinking about them. This infographic isn’t new. I first saw it on Visually back in 2013, […]

Chrissy Teigen Captain Morgan

Chrissy Teigen Gets a Little Captain in Her

Chrissy Teigen as Paquita Pantelones is the perfect way for Captain Morgan to introduce their new flavored rums to the world. Why? Because her name roughly translates to “free pants,” and I’m always looking to […]