smallest beer bottle opener

The Smallest Beer Bottle Opener Ever

It’s time to retire your beat-up bottle opener from college and replace it with the smallest beer bottle opener you’ve ever seen. Just under the size of a quarter, PiCO is 100 percent titanium and 200 […]

whiskey reviews

26 Single-Tweet Whiskey Reviews

Whiskey reviews are typically done with pen, paper, and intelligent thoughts. Not here at Boozist. Binny’s Beverage Depot, a giant warehouse full of every booze imaginable, hosted their annual World of Whiskies event last night. […]

space margarita

Space Margarita is Out of this World

Jose Cuervo makes universe’s first space margarita. I drink my margaritas on the rocks, but I certainly have nothing against a frozen margarita. That’s especially true if said cocktail is a space margarita. So what […]

Qdoba valentine's day smothered burrito

Qdoba Trading Smothered Burritos for Voyeurism

Qdoba wants you to eat their burritos and watch you get some action. On Valentine’s Day, their delicious (I speak from many experiences) Smothered Burritos are BOGO if you’ll kiss someone. It can be your […]