Obscure alcohols prove you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

obscure alcohols

Just when you thought you’ve imbibed it all, an infographic comes along describing 10 obscure alcohols. Of course half of them aren’t all that exotic, but it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of all of them. Personally I had no clue what Umeshu, Mirto, Vinjak, and Metaxa were. Disaronno on the other hand. I mean come on. Their ads were in very heavy rotation a few years back.

Let the following infographic be your guide in exploring some luscious but underestimated alcoholic beverages. Get to know where they originated, what they taste of, how long they need to age in wooden caskets to taste perfect, and how to best consume them. One of these beverages was the first alcoholic drink to be consumed in space! Can it get a better recommendation than that? Read on and enjoy.

How many of these obscure alcohols had you heard of before?

Infographic: 10 Tempting Beverages That May Have Passed Under Your Radar

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