Not Your Father’s Day: booze-filled recipes to celebrate dear old dad

Not Your Father's Day Cooking with alcohol is the highest form of culinary excellence, which makes the new “Not Your Father’s Day” menu from Small Town Brewery and Jet Tila almost too good for the folks at Michelin. It’s a range of recipes all involving booze, which automatically qualifies them for at least 2 stars.

Small Town Brewery, makers of Not Your Father’s Root Beer (as well as Ginger Ale and Vanilla Cream Ale), teamed up with chef Jet Tila to create an intoxicating collection of “Not Your Father’s Day” recipes. If you’re a late night consumer of food porn like I am, you’ll probably recognize Jet Tila from such places as Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, and Chopped. He’s a hero to stomachs everywhere.

We at Boozist have been arguing over which part was better – the recipes containing booze or them being so easy to make. We settled on them being equal because cooking is pointless if the recipe doesn’t include alcohol, but we’d never start cooking if the recipe was overly complex. It’s safe to say we should all run for office with that level of partisan cooperation.

There are links to the recipes on Instagram below as well as all the videos from Jet. My personal favorite is the flank steak. Partly because it’s steak but mostly because you literally lay the meat on the coals, Alton Brown style. I’ve never tried that maneuver before, and it has a very caveman feel to it.

My Dad’s Better Than Yours Flank Steak: mouth-watering flank steak cooked directly on charcoal and topped with a tangy Salsa Verde made with Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale

Dad’s Dangerously Good Chicken Skewers: chicken skewers go from so-so to savory, basted with a sweet and savory Barbecue Sauce made with Not Your Father’s Root Beer

“Yes, It’s Really Beer” – Boiled Ribs: cooking ribs is usually an all-day affair; this recipe will have you eating fall-off-the-bone ribs in about an hour, simmered to perfection in an aromatic Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale boil

Not Your Father's Day
Not Your Father's Day

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