New Most Interesting Man in the World plays football with giraffes

The guard has officially been changed. With Jonathan Goldsmith still floating around space somewhere, the new Most Interesting Man has officially taken over the Dos Equis campaign.

It looks like Dos Equis is going with the tried and true format. A narrator talks about all the awesome things the new Most Interesting Man can or has done while depicting said awesomeness on screen. It’s like Bill Braskey sketches came to life. Then, then Augustin Legrand (the new Most Interesting Man) says the famous line, “I don’t alway drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

The two major differences between the old and the new are noticeable right at the end. First, the most obvious chance is that Legrand says, “Stay Thirsty, mis amigos.” That’s what we call pandering to the hispanic vote… or just recognizing the changing landscape of their consumer.

The other, and potentially more interesting update is that instead of sitting in an old man chair in a lounge, the new Most Interesting Man is in the middle of one of his adventures when he utters the signature catchphrase. He’s hanging out in Africa, watching football on a briefcase TV while giraffes roam around in the background. I think you call that an upgrade.

Colin Joliat
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