National spirits for 20 countries across the world

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National spirits aren’t unique the the U.S. Obviously bourbon is the best, but other country have their national spirits that aren’t too far behind.

You can probably guess some of these national spirits. Tequila is as synonymous with Mexico as vodka is with Russia. Others like pálinka and boukha might surprise you, mostly because you’ve likely never heard of them. Then you have Australia, who technically doesn’t a national booze except for a brand that has declared itself such.

Shamefully, I’ve only had 13 of these national spirits. Apparently it’s time to branch out a bit. I’d have it done in the next few weeks if only there was a Boozist jet. Who wouldn’t want to try raki from Turkey. Who cares that they have to chase it with salty cheese and sweet fruit because of the burning? It sounds awesome to me.

national spirits
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National Spirits by country

Brazil – Cachaça
Barbados – Rum
England – Gin
Colombia – Aguardiente
Russia – Vodka
Costa Rica – Guaro
Peru & Chile – Pisco
USA – Bourbon
Mexico – Tequila
Bosnia & Herzegovina – Rakija
Scotland – Malt Whisky
Sri Lanka – Arrack
Switzerland – Absinthe
France – Cognac
Turkey – Raki
Hungary – Pálinka
Iceland – Brennivín
China – Baijiu
Australia – Vantage Australia
Tunisia – Boukha

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